If you are here, you have chosen one of our fantastic brilliantly colored garments for your very own.

Though online shopping is pretty straight forward, we've made some notes here to make your shopping experience a smooth one.



Browse to find the item of your choice. There are several options to choose from. You may browse by using the menu featured at the top of the page. Narrow your selection by selecting:

For all women's or men's items). 
Garment type
Under the gender, items are grouped by common designations including Tee Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies etc.


Your browser will redirect you to the category results page, displaying  all of the items in that category and detail important features like thread count, type of fabric and body style.




Use the search function at the top right of the page to locate items by name, style number, features (crew neck, cropped, long sleeve and even color (though our extensive list of rich colors may leave you wishing there was only one shade of blue). 





Like it or Add to Cart

If you have created a basic account (see the account link in the upper right), you will be able to use two important links at the bottom of each picture. 

Click on the heart icon to add an item to your favorites.

Click the magnifying glass icon to open a pop-up where you can quickly add the item, select the quantity, size and color before adding the item to your shopping cart.



Product Page

See more pictures, color selections or read details about your purchase on the product page. 

Other options:

Color selectors. You can view a alternative colors for the same item in the main viewport by a) selecting a color from the swatch panel, or b) choosing a thumbnail image of your color choice from the thumbnail images next to the main viewport.

Size selectors. When you click on your size, the price will automatically be updated if a price difference is indicated.

Suggested items. We know you love our brilliant colors, but did you know that we offer a wide range of unique artisan dyes and exclusive special finishes that you may only find Premiere Apparel? These items will be featured at the bottom of the product page, so you can easily get the design you want with the body style, fabric weight and other choices you may have already made. This is also where you will find items to complete a matching outfit such as a pair of pants, a skirt, a jacket etc..

When you are satisfied with your selection, simply select the appropriate size, color and the quantity you would like to order then choose: Proceed to checkout.

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My Cart Page

Your selected items appear on the left hand side of the page. Your subtotal is on the upper right.


Review your order. Make sure the color, size and quantity are correct. You may remove an item or change its quantity here. 

Notes. (not required) If you have special instructions please place them here. 

Estimate shipping. (not required) add your country, state and zip code. A shipping estimates and alternative methods will display on the page. 


Select Proceed to Checkout.



Secure Checkout


Create customer account.

Email Address. Your account will be identified by your email address and select the...

Opt-in checkbox to recieve news and special offers. 

Follow the on screen prompts for your billing information as well as your chosen shipping method. 

Shipping address. You can send your items to a different shipping address by selecting the shipping address box and adding an address for delivery.

*We're sorry but we cannot currently support multi-ship. If you wish to send to multiple addresses, an individual order must be placed for each destination.

Check Out. Select payment options from those listed. We currently support credit card purchases as well as Paypal.



Order Complete

You will recieve a confirmation email with your order information automatically.

Your order will be processed Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm pacific time (excluding national holidays). 

Please save your confirmation email and make note of any password created during setting up the account.