Brand Ambassador Program - Earn 10% commission

Become a Brand Ambassador! 

The Basis

Whether you’re a social media master, a style blogger, a shopping addict needing some extra dough, or just love Premiere Apparel, it’s definitely time to get with the program. The Premiere Apparel Brand Ambassador Program is your way to represent everything you love about shopping at Premiere Apparel. 

How do I become a Brand Ambassador?

Very simple! Just show us how much you love our brand by posting a photo from our profile on Instagram and receive more than 600 likes and 15 comments.

We would also ask you to write to us letting us know why you would like to be part of the brand ambassador team along with some your ideas of how you are planning on promoting our brand!

We prefer you to have an active and popular Instagram account of at least 5k followers and an average like/photo of 5%. This means that if you have 5k followers, your photos should have 250 likes on average.  On rare occasions, we might determine that you are qualified even if you don’t meet the exact requirements.

A code will be given to you to use for your friends which gives them 10% off our site! If that code is used on a sale you get 10% commission on the order!

 What do I get for being a Brand Ambassador?

We will pay you 10% commission on every final order that is placed with the 10% off code that your friends used on our online store. You may choose the code.

You will be included into a group of advisors that will test all of our new designs and products.

We will repost your photos at random onto our Instagram page!

Apply using the form below!