Return Policy/COVID-19 Update

       In order to protect our employees and our customers from any additional risk, we have made the decision to change our merchandise return policy. 

      We will not be accepting returns of any merchandise until further notice. 

      This policy is consistent with all products.  Once a product has left the store, we cannot accept it back and give a refund.

      Product Guarantee

      We guarantee the quality and workmanship of all our garments and accessories. Garments and accessories failing to meet our high standards will be replaced with a similar garment, accessory or store credit.

      First, if you have a need to consider refunds and returns, you likely ordered a product from us. We owe you a big “thank you”!

      Nothing makes us happier than a legion of happy Premiere Apparel customers putting our colorful fashion items to use, at work, at play and around the world! We work hard to deliver amazing garments and accessories --of outstanding quality-- that will help to express the real you.

      Of course, our job isn’t complete, unless we leave you inspired to share your equally outstanding customer experience with friends and family. Rest assured, we are dedicated to clear away any hiccups that might come up along the way. That said, here are some things you might want to know.

      • All our products are made in Los Angeles California, employing skilled textile artisans including designers, dyers, and garment makers, as well as stocking clerks, warehousing persons, customer service workers, and many others. We share a safe workspace, have homes and provide for our families (just like you do). We are committed eliminating sweatshops and employ only documented workers of legal age.
      • We challenge you to find a finer garment of its kind on the market today. Our advanced knowledge of textiles, chemistry and our specialized dying processes allow us to deliver brilliant colors and uniquely textured garments faster and more efficiently than our competition. Years of training and practice, mean that our colors are true.
      • Our Artisan-Dye processes are without peer, allowing us to create a wide range of colors, color combinations and one-of-a-kind artistic print effects directly on the garment!


      Our facilities have remained in good standing with City, County and State for over 17 years. We pride ourselves on three points:

      1. Always Eco-Friendly - Our dye processes conform to all waste standards to promote clean water and a healthy environment.
      2. Low-Impact - Many of our processes have evolved from the idea reducing waste. With that in mind, many of our products are “garment dyed”. In a normal process colored fabric and patterns are fixed in raw yardage then cut and stitched to form a garment. Garment dyed processes allow us to waste less fabric by coloring and decorating raw material that has already been conformed to the garment shape. Less waste means less material goes to landfills and fewer chemicals make their way back into the earth.
      3. Socially responsible- In addition to our commitment to safe, sane and legal workplaces, we are committed to improving the world. In honor of this commitment 10% of each sale is being donated to children’s cancer research. Your purchase is going toward changing the lives of those in need.

      Order Issues

      Before placing an order, please double-check that the product size, shipping address, and billing address are correct prior to submission, as these cannot be modified or changed.

      Our garments feature unisex sizing standards. If you have any concern, please compare your measurements to those on the measurement chart featured on each product page.

      If your item is returned due to addressing errors, you will be billed for the second delivery attempt plus a 10% handling fee to reship your items to a new address.

      Once an order is placed online, the order information cannot be modified. Please cancel the order within 24 hours using information from your order confirmation and/or website login, and place a new order. Orders cannot be cancelled once shipped.


      Shipping options are provided during checkout. Within the 48 contiguous states, most are shipped via UPS. We do our best to get your order to you with the best combination of speed and low price.

      International Shipping

      International shipping is available. But please note, many countries impose taxes and or customs charges you may be responsible for. Also, all international sales are final. We can not accept returns or exchanges on international orders.

      Special Note on Authenticity

      Premiere Apparel prohibits the sale of counterfeit apparel and complies with all applicable laws pertaining to the trafficking of counterfeit apparel.

      Errors and Omissions

      Mistakes happen. If an item is out of stock, or otherwise unavailable, one of our helpful staff will contact you via email and provide choices for substitution. Our garments and accessories are made of organic materials and dyed to exacting specifications, however individual lots may feature some variation in color and cut.

      Seeing is believing. Our website images as well as those featured in print advertising, catalogs and other media are always reproduced as accurately as possible however some variation should be expected. Individual computer monitors and mobile devices may cause an image to appear more or less saturated than the actual item.  Also, unintentional clerical errors, omissions or misunderstandings sometimes occur. Should you discover an error on the website or in print media, please contact customer service. We will be happy to correct it ASAP.

      Custom Orders

      Custom work, featuring select colors, special garment types and other workmanship are available from Premiere Apparel. Custom Orders are governed by separate agreements beyond the scope of a “normal” website transaction. Please contact our Sales for assistance.


      Premiere Apparel works with different organizations, wholesalers and charities to make the world a better place. If you are a wholesale customer or would like to learn more about sharing our unique products (earning through hosting parties and special events), please click here.

      Policies for resellers and bulk purchases and custom orders are governed by a separate reseller agreement. Please consult your Sales Team Coordinator for details.